“Audioporn are one of the best bands I've ever seen…”
Sunday Mail *****

"Audioporn were one of the major high lights of the festival...a unique and thrilling performance that left the main stage crowd hot, happy and wanting more..."
John Marshall Potter- Producer Gig In The Park Festival

"Incendiary four-piece" *****
Evening Standard, London

“Imagine you walked into a room and unexpectedly found a group of people swaying to tight, heavy, sweaty, funky music. Then you realised that the strange man speaking and singing words over the top of it was being waspish and witty and - damn it - telling it like it really is in this strange, warped world today. You would feel like you had found something special. You would want to share the secret. That's what happened to me, and it's why I'm telling you. Get some Audioporn in your life.”
Cole Moreton, journalist with the Independent on Sunday

"This band are going to be absolutely huge…I'm going to end the show with Audioporn's "Alien Frequencies”…this is probably the most electrifying track of all time, and I can't see how it is going to be surpassed... “
DJ Crumpet Claire ICR FM

"There is no band doing anything even half as original with half the passion... ...they are a one-off and this perhaps explains why they are still the best kept secret in the music business."
Mert V Rich WSO Review

"Audioporn's energetic and incredibly tight 21st Century Roxy Music sci-fi sound could see them elevated to the higher levels of the "Bizarre Rock" landscape...Muse should book their perfect support act before U2 do."
Daily Record ****




Weird and wacky hosts for the night - The Argus, Brighton Publication

Anxious that nothing should detract from the visceral power of their live shows - performances which have already led one critic to describe them as "the best band I've ever seen" - frontman Adrien Munden would "prefer it if you didn't mention that I used to be an actor".

But if Audioporn's melodramatic showmanship and spoken monologues don't give the game away tonight, their stage garb might - the band's live wardrobe consists largely of costumes nicked from the Royal Shakespeare Company, including a white fur coat once sported by the Vicomte de Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Having grown up obsessed with the likes of Clash and Bowie, Munden insists he only got into acting in order to "get the money to buy a guitar". It proved a solid game plan.

While accompanying the RSC on their first ever tour of South Africa, he was offered a weekly slot at the national theatre, playing his songs in the bar and eventually winding up on TV. While others were setting their sights on Hamlet, Munden returned convinced he had to form a band.

So he teamed up with bassist Pete Coombs, drummer Che Albrighton and keyboardist Simon Abbot and, sensing they weren't the only ones bored by "bands following the three-minute formula of verse, chorus, verse, middle eight", set about creating something that was "more of a performance, a slightly other world. Music with the balls of punk and the cleverness of the Seventies stuff".

The result is, to be frank, a concept album. But not in the sense of "pixies and fairies and wizards and goblins", and not in the sense of Mansun's The Attack Of The Grey Lantern (God rest its soul).

Played from start to finish, Tank is a sci-fi dub-rock opus which, in a bizarre collision of Beat poetry, Blur's Parklife and Charles Dickens, charts the journey of a Tank - left to the hero in a will, uncovered in a cavernous underground warehouse and used, in the finale, to crush the TV sets children throw in its path.

It's conceptual for sure (unlike Super Fury Animals, Audioporn's tank is purely metaphorical). But it's done with sleazy panache, quirky danceability and lashings of dark humour.

"The record companies told us it was commercial suicide to do a concept album with no singles," says Munden. "But we decided to throw the rule book away, to make something a bit cutting edge that wasn't pandering to the music industry. We made a big f*** off piece of art. And the minute we did that the world turned for us."

After witnessing the album's first play-through, Richard Daws of Komedia Entertainment took on the band's management. And now Audioporn are fresh from a tour with ex-strangler Hugh Cornwell, set to play Glastonbury's Lost Vagueness, and working on their first DVD. Alongside footage of tonight's gig, it will include an album trailor, filmed in Brighton, which takes the form of a fake documentary and includes a scene of Munden "skate-boarding down rolling hills wearing a boiler suit with UN written on it".

There's no denying Audioporn are clever little so-and-so's. But we'd advise you simply to kick back and enjoy the ride. After tonight, Audioporn will be as big a secret as that mag under your mattress.


Bella Todd

Catriona Killin Daily Record

AUDIOPORN'S frontman Adrien Munden cut a suitably theatrical figure for a former thespian as he sashayed into the surrealist fable Tank.

Like a visual cross between Clockwork Orange-era Malcolm McDowall and Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman and a musical hybrid of Bowie and The Electric Six, Munden dominated the tiny Edinburgh Underbelly.

Ploughing the same self-conscious furrow as The Dandy Warhols (but with a more mischievous sense of fun) the London four-piece brought a potentially arena-filling blend of scuzzy funk and Talking Heads-like danceable quirkiness to a delighted Edinburgh Festival crowd. Driven by the propulsive drumming of Che Albrington and ignited by their frontman, Audioporn looked able to provide the soundtrack to a crazed night at Hugh Hefner's Arty Party House (should it exist). Their mish-mash of Beefheart-like shaggy-dog-tale lyrics and 21st century Roxy Music sci-fi sound could see them elevated to the higher levels of the 'bizarre-rock' landscape. Muse should book their perfect support act before U2 do.

Barry Gordon, Sunday Mail

Don't let the silly name put you off - Audioporn are one of the best bands I've ever seen. A cross between Frank Zappa and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, this super-cool quartet effortlessly fuse different genres without sounding like a train wreck.

Their intertwining songs are colourful, highly disciplined and attention-grabbing. From sizzling opener Welcome To The World to the sublime Turn Me On, Audio Porn are a sexy band well worth listening to.


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