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Audioporn 'Rarities Volume 3' CD

Limited run of only 200 numbered copies with free button badge, Nine tracks with five live and four historic improvised tracks. Please note that this is Parental Advisory product with explicit lyrics. 12.00 (Price includes VAT)



Audioporn 'A Message from our sponsors' CD

Limited edition digi pack with pull out poster. 12.00 (Price includes VAT)


Audioporn 'Tank' CD
12.00 (Price includes VAT)

Audioporn DVD - Live at the Brighton Festival
Welcome to the World and backstage documentary

Audioporn - Mens T-Shirt
10.00 (Price includes VAT)
Size: Small Medium Large 
Colour: blue, white, yellow
Audioporn - Mens T-Shirt
10.00 (Price includes VAT)

Size: Medium large
Colour: black, brown, blue
Please note: There are no small hangman in the blue



Audioporn - Ladies T-Shirt
10.00 (Price includes VAT)
Size: UK small medium
Colour: blue, white, yellow




If you would like to order Audioporn merchandise, please email your order (plus design name, size and colour for the T-shirts) to:, we will email you back with payment details and delivery costs. Many thanks

Prices Include VAT. Prices do not include P&P.

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