So you've made it this far?

That is a good thing
Like that sign found in an old novel about a wolf said:
"This is not for everybody"
It shall be our secret.
Like those magazines hidden in your father’s trunk in the attic
Images from a golden era stored as a testament to pure longings
You are not a puppet. You are getting by
It’s hard sometimes
And as you are crammed into those cattle trucks at
Don’t cry, Shout TANK!
Go red if you wish but smile to yourself
Secure in the knowledge that they haven’t got you yet
Whoever they may be

(Your secret is safe with us...)

Audioporn are one of the best bands I have ever seen…
Sunday Mail

Audioporn’s energetic and incredibly tight 21st Century Roxy Music sci-fi sound could see them elevated to the higher levels of the ‘bizarre-rock’ landscape.
Daily Record

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